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Karolina Zimnicka,

graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in GdaƄskdesigner of industrial design, visual artist, animator of contemporary culture, educator, ceramist.

Nomad Ceramics is a project that has germinated in my heart for years.

The project of a mature, conscious woman who takes matters into her own hands.

Ceramics in the interior create a special atmosphere of harmony with nature, which is the main theme of the project. Nature never leaves

out of fashion, it is timeless. Creates a special atmosphere and satisfies the need to surround oneself with natural, unique objects in the living space.

Working with the authentic material of clay gives me a tangible joy of communing with nature, and the experience of traditional craftsmanship is my return to my roots and a slow lifestyle.

This is my Polish, homely hygge, familiar, cosy…



Karolina Zimnicka – Nomad Ceramics


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